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Shirley Temple Convention 2002

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More Convention Pictures

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Loretta & Rita - trying to look sexy!

Thank you gift from Donna - beautiful Shirley blanket

Donna & Tim looking sporty in their Sailor Hats
Suzanne, another fun Shirley fan I met !
Japanese CD Rita made for each attendee

Rita gave an AWESOME slide presentation on Japanese Shirley items.  It was amazing to see how many different Shirley items there were - most of which I had never seen before.  Shirley recorded four well-known Japanese children's folk tunes during 1936 to coincide with her film "Dimples".  Rita played the songs for us - it was fun listening to Shirley sing in Japanese!    Rita is the greatest - she made each attendee their very own CD copy of this original 78 rpm record.

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Donna & Carol with beautiful Shirley Standee made by Rita
Carol holding thank you plaque from Donna

Carol enjoying her first limo ride!


Thanks so much for visiting my web site - I hope you enjoyed it. I would like to say THANK YOU to Donna for all of her hard work which made this a very memorable convention. I hope I will see you all at the next convention!!!

If you attended the 2002 convention I would love for you to send me convention pictures of yourself, friends, goodies, displays, etc. that I do not have so I can add them to this site for all to enjoy. You can send them via snail mail (if you attended the convention you have my address) or you can email the pictures to me at:

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